Restaurant Barba danilo Konoba


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Dear friends of “Barba Danilo”,

We hope you are well and that you are doing fine in this special situation.

We are fine but…

Over the past years, you have encouraged us to give you our best, and now we are aware that after this well-known situation we cannot provide you with what you are used to in our place. We simply lost too much time needed to prepare for a successful season.

Therefore, we have decided that „Barba Danilo“ as such will not be open this year (or at least until further notice).

Instead, we will dedicate it, with a smaller and simpler menu, to the guests of our campsite/resort “UlikaRovinj”.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope to meet again someday.


Our campsite UlikaRovinj

Our campsite UlikaRovinj

Beside the restaurant “BarbaDanilo” we are also owner of the campsite “UlikaRovinj” which is one of the best croatian small campsites.