Restaurant Barba danilo Konoba

konoba / taverna


Rovinj - Istria - Croatia

Konoba/Tavern “BarbaDanilo”

in 2021 functions as a simple traditional Istrian tavern

within the camping/glamping “UlikaRovinj” which is +12 y/o and is

designed for couples looking for a relaxing holiday.

This year we decided to work in a much simpler form compared to last seasons.

Our menu is based on simple traditional dishes, which are still prepared to the highest standards,
but this year we have simply neglected creativity and the pursuit of “fine dining”.


The layout of our terrace is suitable for the guests of our camp/resort, ie most of the tables in the set are for 2 or 4 people.
We are able to make only few large tables (6 – 8 persons) daily due to the smaller number of employees
in the tavern and due to the currently imposed distances between the tables.

Reservations are possible in smaller numbers than in the past and we recommend booking per telephone T: +385(0)911219487  or try the luck and walk in.

Our Kitchen is open from 17 untill 22:30

Our campsite UlikaRovinj

Our campsite UlikaRovinj

Beside the restaurant “BarbaDanilo” we are also owner of the campsite “UlikaRovinj” which is one of the best croatian small campsites.