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It is said that the Mediterranean is wherever olives are growing…
We like to describe our kitchen as Mediterranean… We don’t hesitate to combine our original traditional recipes with Spanish, Greek or Italian ones.
From each Mediterranean cuisine we’ll take what we like and try to cook it “our way”…

We aren’t running away from home cooking so those who are not willing to experiment need not to fear.





We absolutely love appetizers, cold, hot, any kind…

Regularly we offer carpaccio, whether
of sea bass, bonito, tuna or other fresh fish
as well as our already famous mousse of smoked sea bream,
tapenada with shrimps, tuna tartar, steak tartar…

Smoked sea bream mousse,
Olive tapenade with shrimp,
marinated anchovies with onion marmelade,
transparent oyster ravioli


our dishes

from the sea

Sea is life. Sea is everything to us.

In our kitchen we use everything we can from the sea.
We depend on fishes, squids, crustaceans and molluscs as on their seasons, and we absolutely respect it. In tuna hunting period we do everything with tuna, when it’s bonito season we cook with bonito… The happiest for us is the season of turbot, large squids, cuttlefish… We are sea lovers and a largest part of our menu is based on seafood dishes, either fillets in various sauces, grilled, in oven… anyhow…

Picant Adria Calamari,
Sea bass filet with apple and vanila,
Filled Adria Calamari with Orzo,
Sea bream filet on zucchini cream

our dishes

from the land

A good steak is always on our menu,
just as lamb chops in crust, sweet duck…

Sweet duck breast with saffron risotto
Lamb chops in crust,
Lamb on cellery  cream,
Istrian sausages with Adria calamari


pasta & risotto

We knead by our self the dough for pljukanci, gnocchi, ravioli…
Most pastas and risottos are cooked at the moment with fresh ingredients and, if necessary with its own stock,
and we do not use cooking cream!
Our “scoglio” is already widely known as well as pljukanci in beef sauce, white or yellow risotto…

Bavette with truffels,
Risotto with saffron and St. Jacob mussels
Scoglio with mussels and scampi
Homemade Fuzi with mushrooms and speck


sweet dishes

Desserts are for us a special category.
Sometimes we have up to 10 different desserts on a day which are completely unique from each other. We don’t use any pre packaged base or powders, every dessert here is prepared from scratch, as “old fashion”.

Mascarpone with figs in sweet Muskat wine,
Gorgonzola ice cream with pears,
Orange Millefoglie,
White chocolate panacotta with lemon cream,




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