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there where

our hearts are...


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on our owns

in summer

Yes, here are our heart and soul on our owns in summer… Our restaurant terrace is fundamentally a large garden we arranged for years, choosing plants and trees, natural materials and trying to stay in harmony with nature.
Our terrace is not too huge, there are 50 seats that from this year have been covered (due to rain) and the goal in designing it was to enjoy both our guests and ourselves.


and on our owns

in winter

Winter is a different story. Although we are very proud of the terrace, we did our best with the interior design. The fireplace is the first thing we built in our tavern as in winter almost everything is happening around it. Colors, materials, decorations and furnishings have been chosen to create an atmosphere of relaxation and welcoming.


even more about our restaurant

A glass of wine

and smoked sea bream mousse by the pool in summer time?

In summer evenings the beach of our swimming pool turns into a cocktail area where you can always come for a glass of wine, prosecco or any beverage and to enjoy our small appetizers such as smoked sea bream mousse, bonito carpaccio or steak tartar, let's say...