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it all started

in 1964 when...

barba Danilo mixed

his first TARTAR!

aword-danilo-HDT (1)2

Today, Danilo is enjoying his retirement, although still quite active, as he is always available to his children who had taken over the management of the restaurant – giving tips, explanations, criticisms or whatever.

The name of the tavern includes the word “barba”, which means uncle, and is used to approach adults with respect in Istria and Dalmatia, as well as his own name, Danilo.
Starting as a waiter, which was his first job, has progressed to hotel manager in the former Rovinj’s Jadrn-turist and in 1994 he opened his first private restaurant.

Hospitality and taverns have always remained his loves and this latest project of his, insofar strange it can be, an Istrian tavern with all the elements of the top restaurants… for now works very well.


Barba Danilo is now leaving the leading of the tavern/restaurant to his children whom he taught the secrets of the trade, and transmitted most of his knowledge…


our family and our team

our family and our team